What Do We Have That Flooring Home Improvement Stores Do Not

What an Austin flooring company has over the home improvement stores

Can an Austin flooring company actually provide a better, more affordable flooring option than a home improvement store such as (not to name any names, but…) Home Depot or Lowe’s? High Tech Flooring and Design says it has many things that home improvement stores don’t, including the higher road on lower prices. This video explains how they’re able to claim a better, more informed and more reliable service, better products, and more trust and peace of mind than it’s worth to sacrifice in a home improvement store. The video also explains how it’s actually cheaper to go with an expert flooring company, in the long run. Watch and see what makes them different from the big home improvement stores.

Flooring experts at High Tech Flooring and Design are knowledgeable about the latest flooring trends and design options. The average tenure of their flooring design consultants is over 14 years. So, as company Founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Patino puts it in this video, “It’s not just a job, it’s our profession.”

Because you can only see so much in a video posted on You Tube, it helps to come by our showroom to actually shake a hand, take in the colors and smell that new carpet smell. One of our customer service reps or design consultants is always there to show you around or answer any questions you might have. We consider every flooring project a collaborative effort and we treat it as a serious relationship. We’ll get to know you, your family and your lifestyle intimately so that we can recommend the most appropriate and most unique flooring option catered specifically to you and your home.

So please do stop by and visit if you’re in Austin, TX. Then you’ll really see why they say when you go to High Tech Flooring and Design for a new floor, you get “More Than A Floor.”