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Sprucing up your home for the holidays

Glass TileIf you’re expecting guests this holiday season, it might be a good time to think about those updates you’ve been putting off. Here are some easy ways to make a big impact in a small time period.

Kitchen Backsplash

Most kitchen backsplashes are only 30-50 square feet, which means your budget goes a long way. Replacing an outdated or conventional backsplash with a more modern or stylish one can be updated for around $1,000. Styles such as fresh glass, stone mosaic, or even a hand crafted ceramic tile can be achieved at this budget, which includes everything from tear out, installation, materials and taxes. This can give the entire kitchen a new facelift. Since the family usually hangs out in the kitchen during the holidays, what better place to spruce up?

Powder Room

Update your bathroom by simply wainscoting and mirror framing. Tile wainscoting is another simple addition to the house that everybody will see. They’re all going to need to use the powder room sometime! This little remodel project can be done in a day or two and won’t interrupt your holiday planning.

Green_Verticle_Backsplash_TileArea Rugs

It’s time to retire that old area rug the dog’s been shedding on for the past five years. No amount of vacuuming is going to bring it back to life. Come in and let us design a custom area rug in a size that’s perfect for your living room. And yes, we can design it to any size you need. You don’t have to be limited by the industry standards of 5×8, 7×9 or 9×11. Need 10.6×10.6? We can make that for you! We also have thousands of area rugs from Shaw, Masland or Kane to choose from.

New Carpet

With a bit of a bigger budget, in one day you can change the look and feel of every room in your house by replacing the carpet. With new carpet, your house will smell fresh, look fabulous and feel great under feet for those who like to kick off their shoes and nap on the floor in front of the football game. Plus, your friends and family will gush over how great a housekeeper you must be.