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Resilient Flooring: Linoleum and Vinyl

According to Floor Covering News, resilient flooring is making a come back. Types of resilient flooring include linoleum and vinyl, both of which can come in sheets or tiles.

Linoleum_kitchenBranded as Mamorette, there are many benefits to a linoleum floor.

  • Raw materials are renewable, making it a sustainable floor
  • Material is recyclable and bio-degradeable
  • Static-free, for that hard-to-sweep dog hair
  • Purported to be non-allergenic
  • Comfortable under foot
  • Easy to maintain
  • More affordable than alternatives

Vinyl flooring is often called linoleum but they are completely different materials, though just as durable. Vinyl came into style after linoleum because of the translucency and brightness that allows for a broader spectrum of colors. But vinyl flooring has several other benefits, as well.

  • It’s often the default material for kitchens and baths
  • Non-reactive surface can handle any type of cleaner
  • Vinyl contains a fiberglass layer, adding strength and cushion to the floor
  • Easier to install than linoleum

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