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Gray Wide Plank Tile

Patio tile design: Inspiration for your patio remodel

Grab your lemonade and citronella candles because it’s time for lounging on the patio.

If you’re thinking about a quick remodel before it gets too hot, here are some ideas that might inspire you to spruce up your outdoor space.

Tile quadrants over grassTiled Grass

For a modern twist on a stone aesthetic, these tile quadrants placed on a diagonal across a lush lawn create an upscale elegance to any patio, poolside or landscape design.








State grey tiles contemporaryWide Plank Porcelain

The wider the better is the current trend in contemporary tile design, both inside and out. To create an outdoor living space that feels ultra modern, not to mention cool on your feet, try a stone-looking, or concrete-looking porcelain tile.






Gray wide plank tileWood-looking Porcelain Decking

Though nothing beats a wood deck, it’s not the most durable option when you consider how much heat and sun it’s going to get laying poolside year round. A wood-looking tile can give you that traditional deck vibe that survives many a summer without needing repair.




Stone diagonalTraditional Stone
There’s something nice about an actual stone texture to give your feet a little rub as you walk across it. Traditional stone tile can complement any style home or patio and looks especially nice laid diagonally or juxtaposed with high modern furniture and fixtures.




Mexican tile patioSpanish Tile

You don’t have to go far to get that feeling of vacationing in a Mexican Villa. Consider adding a Saltillo stone or a saltillo-looking porcelain tile, placed traditionally or on a diagonal. Intercutting the stone tiles with Spanish-
inspired porcelain glazed tile in bright colors gives it a bit of a Caribbean flair. Or, weathered-looking tile intercut with porcelain decorative tiles give that hand-painted, Spanish feel. Ariba ariba!