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Meet our Flooring Consultant, Louis El-Deir

austin_flooring_designerWith over a decade in the flooring industry, Louis El-Deir has plenty of stories to tell. Originally from Brazil, Louis spent time as an architect before moving to the US. Since he’s been here, he’s worked as a painter, estimator, field supervisor, construction manager and flooring consultant. In 2010, Louis joined High Tech Flooring and Design, where he has become one of our most expert Flooring Consultants.

For almost any question customers have about design, pricing, scheduling or installation, Louis has a quick and knowledgeable answer. He says his customers’ biggest concern when shopping for flooring is finding someone they can trust to have their best interests in mind.

“Customers don’t just need a flooring professional,” says El-Deir, “they need a partner who can visualize their project with them and see it from the same perspective that they do.” About customers’ concerns about whether their selections are a valuable investment for their home, El-Deir says, “Do your homework. And find a flooring consultant with enough experience to help you make the best choices for your particular home.”

flooring_tile_gray_designOver the years, he’s seen the trends shift from soft surfaces like carpet to more of a demand for hard surfaces such as wood, tile and stone, and he says that natural wood is more popular than natural stone throughout the bulk of the home. Though he says people still use high quality carpet, but only in bedrooms and closets.

So what are the trends of the moment?  Says El-Deir, “Contemporary tile, rectangular-sized tile and the color gray.  Beige and gold is out, Grey is in.”