Four things to consider when remodeling your kitchen

This photo is an example of mosaic backsplash design set in a random pattern behind a kitchen stove in a kitchen remodel rollingwood texas


Setting your budget up front will help you set your expectations on what you can accomplish. Even smaller budgets can give your kitchen a facelift by updating or stylizing the cabinets, counter tops and flooring, but leaving the appliances in place. Obviously, larger budgets can accommodate dream world renovations such as knocking down walls and rearranging the architecture of the space.


This is an example of kitchen floor tile set on a diagonal pattern and glass tile set in a mosaic pattern backsplash design.

Does your family have the time to dedicate to this project right now? Are the kids home for summer all day? Then perhaps that’s not the best time to gut the kitchen and have the stove and refrigerator in the study for three weeks. Are we talking about doing this during the holidays? Would a delay in construction put a damper on a family reunion? Timing is everything and a well-timed kitchen renovation will make things easier on everyone.


Backsplash Vertical Avacado TileDo your research on current styles and trends. This is a major update, and one most people only go through every 20 years or so. Take the time to go to sites like Houzz to get a feel for the style you really want to convey. Sometimes the concept for the interior design of the whole house can start in the kitchen, the heart of the home, and radiate out from there. So make sure your personal style is really reflected in your renovation so the design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also intentional.


Don’t be afraid to get professional help from a designer. While websites such as Houzz can offer a starting point, they can’t replace a real live expert. The time and money spent working with a designer will pay off in the end, preventing errors and adding insight into elements you may not have thought about. High Tech Flooring and Design offers design services to our clients as part of our comprehensive approach to creating a collaborative effort from start to finish.