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Building a house at the Community First! Village

image03Founded over a decade ago by Alan Graham, the Mobile Loaves + Fishes organization is truly making a difference for the homeless community in Austin. And now, with the upstart of Community First! Village, he’s created a 27-acre haven off Decker Ln that will soon be ready to house up to 250 of Austin’s homeless population.

This community doesn’t just provide temporary shelter. Community First! guarantees affordable and sustainable housing for the homeless. The homes are modest, but complete with a living room, bedroom, closet, kitchenette, a front porch and even, in some cases, its own small garden. These “tiny homes” are all artisanal and made from image08quality materials. Being in the building business ourselves, it was a no-brainer that we would offer our services to such a noble cause.

Besides these uniquely-designed houses, the grounds contain a chapel, community kitchen, a large garden, chicken coop, beehives, workshop, medical facility, an outdoor theater and a happy herd of goats.

There is a large community bathroom facility that High-Tech Flooring and Design tiled image02as part of its services. There’s an adult-sized swing set and even an art museum.

It is a dream realized right in the middle of East Austin.

As a local business, our team volunteered to construct a micro home that will, one day, house one of Austin’s very own. As
we drove into the community, we were greeted by large teepees and humble Airstream trailers used to house volunteers of the project. It was a crisp 65 degrees, sunny, but muddy. A bit cold for April in Texas. But our hearts were warmed by the experience of image12being there.

It’s an understatement to say we were inspired, working on a project for nothing but good as the young and the old of us hammered boards together, side by side. And just 8 hours later, a house was built. A home was made. It was a big victory on a small plot of earth.

There’s an old adage that goes, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” Never was that more true than the day we built a tiny home.

A special thanks to Donna Emery of the Mobile Loaves + Fishes for extending such a warm welcome to our team.

Please visit for more information on this amazing project. In the meantime, watch this video about the inspirational journey to build this community in East Austin.