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Flooring Designer Profile: Amy Jeffrey

Amy_JeffreyBorn and raised in the flooring designer business, Amy Jeffrey is one of the most knowledgeable people on our design team. Ask her anything about flooring and she’s either seen it herself, learned about it at a trade show or heard about it growing up under the wing of her father, who was the Vice President of JR MCDade in Phoenix, Arizona.

“My dad started as a carpet and vinyl installer,” says Jeffrey. “He’d take my brother and I on the job site with him and we’d clean up scraps, vacuum and help carry tools back to the truck. After my dad worked his way up to Vice President of the company, I would work the order desk and help with accounting and customer service. I also offered assistance in the design center. I did pretty much everything but be Vice President. For some reason he wouldn’t let me be Vice President.”

While she loves her job as a designer here at High Tech, she doesn’t like it when the design projects are over. “During the process we really become friends,” she says, “so it’s sad when their house is finished.”

Her advice to home remodelers is to get the designer on board before construction begins. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come in on a project where the client was choosing materials halfway through construction. Many times, I could have offered advice on layout that perhaps their contractor or the homeowner themselves didn’t think about. So by the time I got involved it was too late to implement my ideas.”

She says the thing she admires about High Tech Flooring and Design is the space the owners, Michael Patino and David Bosco, allow employees for growth. “Plus,” she says, “we have a gorgeous showroom and we’re really proud of it. As a designer, I couldn’t come to work every day to a place I couldn’t stand looking at.”