Wood Looking Tile In Living Room

Design Trends: Is that wood, ceramic, or porcelain tile?

These days, you can fool people into thinking you have a natural wood floor, when what you really have is porcelain tile. And that’s good! Here’s why:

Wood looking tile in living roomBye Bye Maintenance
Porcelain tile requires almost no maintenance.

Wood-looking tile is more sophisticated than ever
Digital advancements in manufacturing have created a level of sophistication in texture, sheen levels and grain pattern meant to look like wood flooring that we could not achieve before.

Truer to natural wood than ever
Most of the wood-looking porcelain is ‘rectified’ and therefore can be installed with a tighter grout joint allowing for an even truer looking wood.

Tile can actually make your home look bigger
Wood-looking porcelain allows more freedom for homeowners because they can continue the flooring from their hallways into wet areas like utility rooms and bathrooms instead of breaking at doorways with a ceramic tile. This continuous flow of one flooring throughout the house creates the perception of more square footage.

Wood looking tileWood-looking porcelain is dog frienedly
Now you can get that dog you’ve always wanted. Porcelain, wood-looking tile can not be damaged by dog or cat claws the way a wood floor can. This holds true for children and all the things they do that can really scuff a wood floor.

You can get fancy with tile.
Porcelain tile meant to look like wood allows you to be more creative on fireplace surrounds, shower surrounds, backsplashes and walls, creating very cool looks that you can’t achieve with natural wood.