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Design Trend: Wide plank wood flooring

Wide plank flooringThere’s a growing trend toward minimalism in modern design. And with that trend comes a vision for seamless surfaces and wider format tiles. In this case, wide plank flooring.

In flooring design, wide plank means boards that are anywhere from 5” to 12” wide rather than the standard 3” plank. Design experts say it’s the larger widths that add drama and distinction to a room.

It’s a versatile trend because you’re not limited to a specific type of wood with wide plank boards. They come in any type of wood from softwoods like pine and fir to hardwoods of any kind.

wide plank wood flooringReclaimed wood is especially nice in wide plank boards because they’re often made from old growth trees harvested a century ago and used as beams in factories and barns. This reclaimed wood has the density to create a more stable floor that doesn’t swell or shrink, a necessary attribute for wide plank flooring.

Wide planks engineered from reclaimed wood carry the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

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