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Case Study: A testimonial in tile flooring

One of our clients was so thrilled about her new wood-looking tile that she wanted to tell everyone about it. Thanks Beth McConnell for such a glowing review of your flooring project.

wood-looking tile“My husband and I recently got up the courage to rip out the carpet that had been in our bedroom since we bought our house back in 2010. We have stained concrete running throughout the rest of our house so we were hoping what was under the carpet would be just as stylish. The concrete was there but it was not stained. We have 3 dogs and a cat, so we find that the stained concrete gives us peace of mind in regards to floor maintenance. It’s easy to clean and it doesn’t scratch. However, in our bedroom we wanted something nicer. We wanted hardwood floors. But we knew with our dogs, hardwood might not be the best choice.

We spoke with High Tech about the pros and cons of hardwood floors versus a laminate floor. We didn’t want anything that was going to be high maintenance or that would show scratches easily. We didn’t want to have to refinish the floor in six years or do anything particularly fussy to it.

For our particular home and design goals, they suggested a porcelain, wood-looking tile. The tile is actually made to look like planks of hardwood, only it’s tough as nails, practically indestructible. The styles of planks they showed me varied from sleek to a more natural, aged-looking wood grain. We settled on one that looked like planks from a 100-year-ol’ barn. Just my style.

It was installed a few days ago so I’m still reeling with happiness. The installation was fast and painless. They installed the tile in one day and in only an hour they finished it with a dark gray grout the next. It looks just like wood, costs about the same as wood, doesn’t show smudges, gives the room a warm look and an overall upscale feel. My dogs can run all over it, they can scratch, chase balls, chase the cat, and we don’t blink an eye.

I never thought I’d be satisfied with tile because I’d always dreamed of wood floors, but now I’m happy as can be.

I’m about as happy as a dog chasing a cat on tile floors.”

-Beth McConnell