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Black Rug

Black is the New Black

The most classic color since the beginning of time, black is making a comeback in interior design. When it comes to choosing a flooring scheme, black flooring and accents are often overlooked, and under appreciated for the pizzaz and class they can add to a room. Here are some simple truths about what makes black such a great touch.

bold rugEverything goes with black

The reason black is the quintessential basic when it comes to color is that you can dress it with anything. Daringly bright colors and bold patterns can be pulled off against black flooring like no other color. Start with black as your basic and go crazy from there.




hex floorBlack and white never go out of style

Both black and white checkered floors and floors with a hexagon pattern harken back to the eras of high style. These flooring patterns add a classic touch of glamour that, when juxtaposed with more contemporary looks, creates an air of high modern elegance.



Checkered floor






black stairs

The little black dress syndrome

Black doesn’t have to be overstated to make a big statement. A small hint of black goes a long way, especially if you can find a unique way to use it. A black staircase, for example, can add an unexpected touch of class to a more traditional home.




A black rug? Black tile?black rug

Most designers use rugs as that pop of color in the room. Why not try the opposite approach and use a black rug as license for color elsewhere.



backsplashThe same goes for black tile in the kitchen. It’s something most people wouldn’t even think to do. But look how great it looks as a backsplash. Who knew? 



kitchen lights

Black doesn’t have to be bleak

Black does run the risk of creating a dungeon-like affect. So make sure to use black flooring or accents in rooms that get plenty of natural light.






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