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Best flooring choices for mudrooms

mudroomWith the historic rainfalls we’ve seen in Texas this Spring, it’s no secret the drought is over. And though all this rain is great for our flower beds and our swimming holes, it can wreak havoc on our floors. Because with rain comes mud, and with mud comes muddy shoes and with muddle shoes comes mess.

Now let’s talk about mudrooms.

Mudrooms are more common in the north where it snows for much of the year. They’re made for tracking in snow, for kicking off boots and for hanging up coats.

But whether you need a mudroom designed to handle snow or historic rainfall, the first thing to consider is what type of flooring it’s built on.

Here are some flooring options that work great in a mudroom.


slate flooring Slate
Extremely resilient, slate flooring can stand up to the elements. It is also dark in color, making footprints less noticeable.

Whether it’s cement, ceramic, or Terracotta, all tiles are ideal choices for mudrooms and foyers because they don’t dent or stain.

Travertine is a natural stone that looks lovely both indoors and out. Its texture can add an interesting dynamic to any space.

Linoleum is a great choice because not only is it inexpensive, it’s extremely easy to clean. And it comes in fun colors, too.

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