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The right way to choose a new carpet for your home

Amy_Carpet_SalesChoosing carpet for your home or office is a big decision. After all, it will be the foundation of your lifestyle. If you have young kids, they will crawl on it. If you have a dog, he will nap on it. You might relax in front of the TV or do 7-minute abs on this carpet. And because it will be the cushion of your home, you want the walk through this buying decision to be as comfortable as the carpet will feel on your bare feet.

“Most carpet retailers will try to sell you their special of the month, whether that carpet is right for you or not,” says High Tech Flooring and Design’s owner and executive director, Michael Patino. “Our consultants don’t do that. They ask you several questions about your lifestyle so they can suggest the right carpet specifically for your home.”

Those questions include things like:

Do you have pets?

Do you wear shoes in the house?

Are you vacuum once a day or once a month?

How much longer will you own the house?

Are stains likely to come from dirt, food, drinks, pets, babies or children?

Carpet_DisplayAfter answering those questions, High Tech’s flooring consultants can explain the benefits of one kind of fiber vs. another. They can suggest which type of carpet is worth investing in or not, based on how much longer you’ll live there.

“Our consultants have been in the flooring industry an average of 12-14 years. It’s their career,” says Patino. “And on a weekly basis we continue to train on our product knowledge so that everyone is current on the latest trends and technology of the industry.”

High Tech Flooring and Design not only has the widest selection of carpet, tile, and flooring materials, it has one of the most knowledgeable team of sales professionals you’ll find in Austin.

“The most popular carpet dealer is the big home improvement store,” says Patino, “but there are no professional flooring people. It’s just a job. Nobody makes a career out of working there.”