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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring: What an Austin flooring store has to say about bamboo

austin bamboo flooringMost people choose hardwood floors because they think they’re the most durable floors for their home. When actually bamboo flooring is harder than Oak flooring, which is the most popular, and Brazilian Walnut flooring, which is the most expensive.

Bamboo flooring is less expensive than wood flooring, across the board. (no pun intended)

Our supplier uses mature bamboo from the remote mountains of South China. Their unique growing climate produces the strongest bamboo and the most durable floors in the world. And because they use bamboo that has matured for six years in plantation, the stems can be harvested without decreasing the size of the forest. So it’s environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is manufactured by splitting and flattening mature bamboo clums into strips of equal dimensions. These strips are then processed and kiln dried, pressed against each other and then glued under high pressure to form boards of raw plank.

The boards are then pre-finished in the factory with a cured aluminum that makes the floor highly anti-scratch and abrasion resistant.

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